The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge

First built in 1967, The Surf Lodge has become an international, much sought-after destination for local and international travelers looking for the perfect place for relaxing, wellness, sunshine, surfing, fishing, exceptional dining and unparalleled majestic sunsets… Known for its raw untouched coastline and as the ultimate summer surf and family destination, The Surf Lodge is the perfect place to call home. During the long summer days when the area is thriving with local fishermen, artists, travelers and surfers, The Surf Lodge creates a resting ground to find calm within a sense of community. With its timeless character and true bohemian sophistication, The Surf Lodge has paid meticulous attention to every detail, presenting an ambience that parallels the easy, dream-like quality of Montauk and its locals.

Planning an event

We have many spaces available at Surf Lodge that are ideal for parties, from smaller parties of 20 to events with over 200 guests. Download our event kit for information. Get Event Kit

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