Revel Sound

Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 | 06:00 PM
Revel Sound

An authentic meditation over juke rhythms, Revel in Dimes crafts a seductive and welcome makeover to roots music that has audiences from Europe to their hometown, New York City throbbing to their sultry blues and gritty originality. Equal parts rock & roll, punk, and soul, Revel In Dimes is a band that knows where it comes from and refuses to follow the same routes as its’ contemporaries to get where it’s going.

And like the best blues, their music can’t be defined so much as it must be experienced.  

“[Revel in Dimes]...bringing the heat of blues rock to Brooklyn”
-The Deli

“This is not your typical indie rock, there is nothing clean cut or predictable about Revel in Dimes...”
-Pancakes and Whiskey